The Final Word on Saw Palmetto by Parvez Fatteh M.D.

Saw Palmetto Parvez Fatteh MD

The Final Word on Saw Palmetto by Parvez Fatteh M.D.

Saw Palmetto is a natural extract taken from the fruit Of the Dwarf tree discovered largely in Florida in the USA.

What’s Saw Palmetto Used for in Medicine?

It is most notable use by far has been for the reduced Urinary tract symptoms related to Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). But
this herbal remedy has not been welcomed with open arms from mainstream Western medicine, that choose rather to focus on surgical
and pharmaceutical treatments for treatment of an enlarged prostate.

A Current systemic inspection Estimated that the incidence of symptomatic BPH rises from 14.8percent in men aged 40 to 36.8% in
men aged 80 and above

The motives causing the Prostate to enlarge are still poorly understood. In general, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a metabolite of
testosterone, is traditionally thought to be a critical mediator of rectal growth (Rhodes et al., 1993). DHT is derived from
testosterone in certain tissues such as the prostate gland via the action of 5α-reductase.

Medication for the drug-related adverse Effects related to α-blockers (e.g., postural hypotension and retrograde ejaculation) and with 5-ARIs (e.g.,
impairment of erection) phytotherapy including Native Americans were SPE Is Usually Utilized to treat BPH in Europe

Disparity in makeup Of SPE may contribute to heterogeneity in efficiency (Habib and Wyllie, 2004). Different products derived from
the exact same plant can have different action due to differences in the composition of bioactive components in the plant extracts
(Novara et al., 2016). Many SPE products were found to have significantly different comparative contents of putative active
elements, fatty acids and phytosterols

Permixon contained the Highest content (>80%) of free fatty acids one of 14 products offered in Europe (Habib and Wyllie, 2004).
Permixon also showed the maximum efficiency in inhibition of 5α-reductase (Scaglione et al., 2012). Consistently, clinical studies
with Permixon have generated reproducible results of development of urinary symptoms

These data indicated that Various brands of SPE can show marked variation in content. Therefore, standardization of SPE
formulation, and control of the material of active elements in SPE could be critical to achieving consistent effectiveness of SPE
and recommendations for its use in prevention and therapy of BPH

Lipidosterolic extract of saw palmetto, is the most studied form of SPE and studies using Permixon have generated relatively
consistent beneficial effects on LUTS in preclinical and clinical levels.

Saw Palmetto pills for hair loss

A systematic review of Saw Palmetto studied for alopecia contained one study in which 38 percent of patients in the Saw Palmetto
cohort had an increase in hair growth, mainly on the vertex. This was contrasted to Finasteride, in contrast to which Saw Palmetto
had an inferior percent, but it was helpful nonetheless.

In addition to systemic Treatment, SP has also been studied as a topical agent. A study assessing the hair growth impact of 3.3 mL
topical SP serum applied for 4 months and 2 mL cream for 24 weeks, in 50 men with AGA, demonstrated increased terminal and average
hair counts at 12 and 24 months [71]. Although systemic SP has not demonstrated superiority to conventional systemic treatments,
it does have clinical advantages and is an attractive alternative treatment for male AGA patients that are not interested in oral

Side effects of saw palmetto pills

Generally, saw palmetto There is agreement that negative effects of saw palmetto extracts are few and mild, which their incidences
are not considerably different compared to placebo

The Most Often reported adverse events are More serious adverse events like death and cerebral hemorrhage are reported in isolated
case reports and information from spontaneous reporting schemes, but causality remains questionable. No drug interactions were
reported. Currently available data suggest that S. repens is well tolerated by most users and isn’t associated with serious
adverse events. Nearly all adverse events are mild, infrequent and reversible, and include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and
tiredness, headache, decreased libido and rhinitis.

Saw Palmetto pills benefits

The Precise mechanics of Action of SPE are unknown in relieving LUTS associated with BPH. Suggested mechanisms include
anti-androgenic, pro-apoptotic, and anti-inflammatory effects

The bioactive components Of SPE are considered to be fatty acids and phytosterols (Table 1
[]). The fruit of saw palmetto typically contains 70–90% free
fatty acids of caprylic, capric, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids (Booker et al., 2014).
The makeup of the numerous brands of saw palmetto varies based on extraction methods, origin of the plant, and additional
ingredients (Penugonda and Lindshield, 2013). The content of total free fatty acids was found to range from 40.7 to 80.7percent
(Table 1 []) from 14 SPE extracts commercially available for the
treatment of LUTS

Fatty acids are the important Constituents of SPE. The main fatty acids in SPE showed α1-adrenergic receptor-binding action as
well as inhibitory effects on 5α-reductase (Abe et al., 2009a; 2009b), indicating that fatty acids in SPE contribute to relieving
BPH symptoms through comfort of muscle tone and inhibition of testosterone metabolism.

Phytosterols are relatively Minor constituents (Table 1 []) of SPE
(Penugonda and Lindshield, 2013; Weisser et al., 1996). Studies have suggested that phytosterols may be beneficial in BPH
treatment due to their anti inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering effects

In conclusion, saw Palmetto extract has therapeutic potential. However, efficacy of SPE has been found to be inconsistent, at
least partly due to a lack of standardization of this SPE formula. Free fatty acids such as lauric acid, the main components of
SPE, have been demonstrated to be effective in inhibition of both 5α-reductase and phytosterol (β-sitosterol), minor elements of
SPE, has been found to effectively reduce prostatic inflammation. Multiple rather than single mechanisms might be involved in the
beneficial effects of SPE in BPH therapy. Therefore, it’s important to standardize SPE goods for continual efficacy and to allow
recommendations for SPE usage in prevention and treatment of BPH.

One study Demonstrated that Saw Palmetto may be able to be used to prevent or treat erectile dysfunction. But this was a rat
study, therefore human data in this respect remains incomplete.

Saw Palmetto for Breast Enlargement

This was promoted in some circles due to the However, the literature hasn’t supported this claim thus far.


As Soon as You parse out the literature, It Seems that the Only type of Saw Palmetto that has demonstrated any impact has
specifically Been the liquid extract form. In Europe, this is the Promixon product. And now From the Unites States, the only Saw
Palmetto product accepted by the USP is Flowmentum. Palmetto, rather than the numerous powder extract products out on the market.
Along with its low side effect profile, the liquid extract form of Saw Palmetto should Make for a worthwhile attempt when
combatting the urinary symptoms of BPH. It Shows benefit for hair regrowth also, but that is a portion of another discussion.

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